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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gluten free pasta with pumpkin, corn, red capsicum and zucchini

This dish is light & fresh and can be done either in the Thermomix or on a stove top. Feel free to add other veggies that will compliment the below flavours for more variety.

300g of GF pasta (We use the Pasta odora 100% Corn pasta which you can buy from the health food isle at Woolworths, it’s not organic but GMO free)
2 fresh ears of corn, husks & kernels removed – (Please use organic corn to avoid the genetically modified versions!)
1 red capsicum seeded and cut into a medium dice
1 small onion (brown) finely diced / or blizted in the thermie prior to starting
2 medium zucchini’s (about 400g total) cut into medium dice
3 cloves of garlic crushed / or blizted in the thermie prior to starting
200g of cubed pumpkin (skin off)

      Cook pasta on stove top, follow packet instructions. I salt my water – There is no need to be afraid of salt – as long as you use the right kind. Pink Murray River salt or Himalayan salt is the most beneficial to your body.

       Add olive oil (about 35g) to the Thermomix bowl and heat on Varoma temp speed 1 for 2 mins

       Add corn, capsicum and onion and cook on 100 for 3-4 mins reverse speed soft (or until onion is translucent

        Season to taste with  salt and pepper and add zucchini and pumpkin and garlic and cook on 100 reverse speed soft for approximately 4-5 mins (until pumpkin & zucchini are just tender.

       Reserve ¼ cup of the pastas cooking water and drain pasta, add the reserved water to the veggie mix in the thermomix bowl . Put pasta in serving bowl and then cover with the veggie mix and season with salt and pepper.

       For extra flavour/colour mix in ¼ cup of basil and some extra virgin olive oil to the dish ( I didn't the boys don’t like fresh herbs in their food.)

If you don’t have a Thermomix follow the above method /order using a large heavy based pan and stir frequently to avoid veggie sticking to your pan.

It's also delicious the next day for lunch! Enjoy!


  1. Ohh I love hearing other people's views on GF pasta, I haven't bought any yet but was worried I'd buy crap ones and have to learn the hard way. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Yum this, sounds like my kind of recipe - easy quick (vegan!) and so healthy.... I tend to favour the brown rice pasta-variety, but I have a packet of mung bean pasta that I am excited to try out soon.