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Monday, April 29, 2013

Allergy friendly "cake"

My gorgeous sister in law made this cake for my birthday this year so that Lachlan could enjoy the celebration when we went out to dinner last night.

Base is a cut watermelon, covered in two flavours of Co Yo (coconut yoghurt in passionfruit and natural flavours, this is a soy free vegan yoghurt which tastes out of this world!) and then decorated with fruit of choice (here Gold & green kiwi fruit, raspberries and strawberries).

Was a hit with everyone who attended the dinner and not a piece left! Could you blame them?? 

A huge thanks to Kylie my Sister in law for making this - best cake ever! 


  1. Looks Amazing. what an awesome idea.

  2. That is fantastic. I know my kids would LOVE that :)

  3. There wasn't a piece left!!! A great success!