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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Superfoods for Kidz Competition - 2,500 milestone

Superfoods for Kidz' is the newest range of products from Nutra Organics, an Australian family run business helping women and their families lead healthy, energetic and fulfilling lives.

The wonderful Vanessa from Superfoods for Kidz has kindly provided the following as part of our milestone giveaway. 

Not only are these products made with organic fruits & veggies (which I LOVE) they taste amazing and have so many uses, from smoothies, slices, muffins to even straight out of the tub! 

It's a great way to ensure your kids are getting part of their RDI of fruits and veggies especially if you have a reluctant eater or child with texture/sensory issues, as lets face it it gets stressful as a Mum when a child isn't eating well and getting a large variety of essential vitamins and minerals into children can be difficult so this is a great way to supplement their diet as it can take up to 10 times (and sometimes more) for a child to try something new and develop a  taste for it. (The cute little character on the packaging also appeals greatly to the biggest veggie/fruit hater too!)

There will be 2 prizes drawn as follows

1 x Berry Choc Chunk powder  for product information  

1 x C Berry Blast powder -  

To enter

Like Superfoods For Kidz on Facebook -

Go to their website and view their great range -

Come back to this FTGB blog comp post and comment what your favourite Superfood for Kidz product is and what you would make with it if you won it.

Competition will be drawn 30 April, 2013 and winners will be announced on the blog. 

Competition only available to Australian residents.

Be sure to check out the great range of powders, protein bars and other great high quality products at or all good health food stores. 




Please PM us on the Feeding Two Growing Boys Facebook page your postal details so we can get your prizes to you :) Happy cooking! 


  1. I would make some muffin case mini omelettes with the vital vegies powder, a bit of nitrate free bacon and sheep's milk cheese and maybe even sneak in some finely grated mushroom or zucchini!

  2. I love all the Superfoods for kidz products but I think that my favourite would be to use the Berry Choc Chunk Powder in my Coconut Milk Icecream to make my boys a yummy and healthy chocolate icecream

  3. It would be the C Berry Blast. It is full of antioxidants ready to add to smoothies which my children all ready love :)

  4. We love choc berry chunk powder and bars. We use the powder in nearly every dessert and chia puddings for breakfast. We're addicted. My kids ask for "chocolate bars" from when they wake up in the morning until they go to sleep at night. I'd love to win the C Berry blast, so we could explore new options.

  5. I would have to say the veggie power & I would make mini muffins while also trying to sneak in more veggies if I can. My son picks out veggies he doesn't like from things I make, so having a powder to put in his foods too would be fab! Samantha Winkel

  6. I'd love all of them! But the berry choc chunk would be great in my 'muesli balls' for my 2 year old because it boosts calcium- which he will be needing now that I am taking him off his asthma preventer because turns out it has aspartame in it(!?!?) and putting him a steroid which can effect bone growth!
    Samara Simmons

  7. I would really LOVE to try these products! They look fantastic. I already make alot of healthy alternatives but this would give them an extra boost of goodness, which would really help damaged guts and methylation problems. I think my 5 year old would just love the No Cook Berry Choc Chunk brownies, so I would start with the Berry Choc Chunk powder. But really, there's so many creative ways these products could be included in kids' diets!

  8. The Berry Choc Chunk powder is my favourite. It's absolutely yummy taste means I just add it to some milk and drink it whilst I am getting my two boys fed and ready in the mornings. A simple and nutritious way to fill me up when I don't get a chance to have a sit down breakfast :)

  9. I love the Vital Veggie Power! What a clever way to get some greens into your kids that would otherwise be very difficult. The first thing I would try it in is my frittata, but truly it would find it's way into all my savoury dishes. Superfoods for Kidz has some fabulous products!!!


  10. 1.Super foods for kidz choc berry to make a 'milo' drink with ground up seeds and nuts and a few scoops of the powder! Delicious and nutritious treat to Jazz up our almond and rice milk! Would be great in muffins and homemade coconut ice cream also!
    Ashleigh Farrow (unable to post under own name)

  11. We have choc berry and absolutely love it!! We would love to try the berry one too!! Donna Kay.

  12. I can't go past the berry choc chunk powder. Berry + choc is a match made in heaven and the fact that it is super healthy and full of nutrients only adds to it's appeal :) yummmm!!

  13. We love the Vital Veggie Powder, add it to zucchini slice, frittatas, muesli slice. Would love to try Berry Choc Chunk in bliss balls and smoothies. Thanks

  14. I would love to try the Vital Veggie Powder! I'd add it to absolutely everything savoury that I could. :)

  15. I love the vital veggie powder and I would add it to smoothies and muffins and raw cakes for my two little ones as a way to increase their vitamin intake! :-)
    Natalie Hardy

  16. the c berry blast would be great in smoothies! or on top of yoghurt. -Jennifer