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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vegie Smugglers Competition - 2,500 liker milestone

Now based on the amount of emails I get on my page and being a Mum myself, I know how hard it can be to get kids to eat fruit & veggies. 

It takes persistence, patience and in some cases some pretty clever vegie hiding to get them into the kids!

This is where bringing in Mrs Vegie Smuggler herself, Wendy Blume comes in handy! 

Wendy has kindly put up 1 x Ebook bundle for our prize week to celebrate our 2,500 milestone that FTGB reached this week.

The e-bundle features the following titles.

 10 Quickbakes plus 10 Sandwich spreads (released last week)
 The Complete lunchbox planner
 Weekly meal plans
 Craft for non-crafty parents  (all e-books).

We tried the beetroot and carrot spread this week from the newly released Quickbakes & Spreads book and it was a winner here! 

To enter

Like Vegie Smugglers on Facebook -

Go to Wendy's website and view her range of books and planners -

Come back to this FTGB blog comp post and comment what your best veggie smuggling tip is!

Competition will be drawn 30 April, 2013 and winners will be announced on the blog. 

This competition is open to all FTGB’s likers as the prize is in electronic form.

Make sure you checkout all of Wendy's books available from her website.

Good luck!



KERRY SOLOMON, Congratulations!

Please PM the Feeding Two Growing Boys facebook page your email address so we can get your Ebook bundle pack sent to your email address! 


  1. Grating veges or fruit into ANYTHING!! My grater is my best friend!! Grated potato hashies, zuccini and carrot in spag bol, apple into muffins!!!

  2. I hide veggies on pizza! Finely diced zucchini, mushroom and spring onion all hidden in the cheese under the bacon. My 4 year old scoffs it down!
    April N

  3. Puree or grate and mixing into muffins, pancakes and breads, because if it's in a cup cake paper its so much more desirable to my toddler.

  4. My best tip is to make brownie's and add grated zucchini to it :) I have done this and my children have scoffed it down. Also I blitz veggies into spag bowl of course.
    Also adding green veggies to juices and smoothies so they cant see that it contains greens.

  5. Convincing my son carrot sticks and the like are lolly sticks!! My kids also love dip, so instead of buying dip I make mashed vegie purée and call it monster mash dip! Gone in minutes!!

  6. My eldest son detests onion and freaks out if he sees me chopping it for dinner. I don't hide it, I just tell him it's not for his dinner and he doesn't have to eat it anyway. Then pop it into whatever I cook and he eats it anyway!

  7. I'm a fan of my grater too. I grate everything (well until I get a Thermie that is ) I can get my hands on to go into things like spag bol & other dishes. If I dice veggies my son will pick them all out, so very finely grated it has to be.
    Samantha Winkel

  8. This isn't really a smuggling tip but....
    We have vegetable races at the dinner table.
    Someone calls out ie: carrot race and everyone has to eat a piece quickly to be the winner. The kids love it because they always want to be the winner.
    Renee Dietz

  9. My little boy loves fruit but veggies not so much so the best tip was to add loads of veggies in your bolognaise sauce, pureeing them first if they are extra fussy. A sure winner!!

  10. Oh my word I would LOVE to win this prize!!! It looks so fabulous and I am always looking for new ideas to get high density nutrients into my very fussy toddler who eats like a bird (some days I swear she survives on air :)!) Okay my smuggling tip is to make smoothies and put in whatever goodness you can. Because my little one is under weight I always put either nuts or avos in mine because of their high fat content, and then a handful of green leaves (usually spinach as I find it has the most subtle taste). Oh and I also make icing for cakes with avocado pear, raw cacao and raw honey - it is amazingly smooth and creamy and yummy and most importantly my 2 girls love it!!! I also like to throw leftover butternut squash or pumpkin into pancakes. It tastes great and is a good way to use up leftovers.

  11. Veggie smuggler tip is we make a 'Shrek' smoothie every morning that consists of kale, spinach, celery, apple or frozen banana, coconut water and ice! The kids love it and are none the wiser that they are getting a healthy dose of veg! Happy mumma - Ashleigh Farrow (unable to comment under own name)

  12. I confess I just grate everything ( veggies) into spaghetti bog, lasagne mince and quiche! Def need some more ideas and veggie smugglers looks like they have just what I need! Can't post this except under anon?

  13. Smoothies are usually our winner, we do need some tips tho now the weather has turned cold! Donna Kay.

  14. My best vegie smuggling tip would definitely be to grate veggies into anything possible - bolognese (adding dried red lentils is great in this too), pasta dishes, egg dishes.

  15. My best veggie smuggling tip is mixing different veggies into smoothies or pasta sauce where I grate up many vegetables into the sauce and the kids never notice.
    Natalie Hardy