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Friday, October 12, 2012

Salmon Rice Balls

A quicker version of sushi style food that kids will love!

Salmon Rice Balls

Depending on how many you need to feed work with different quantities – for the three of us for lunch I used the following

1 x 200g Salmon steak – cooked in a 220 deg oven for 20 mins then flaked
Approximately 290g of Sushi rice (washed and cooked in the themomix)
in the TMX bowl with about 400g of water for 10 mins on Varoma temp speed soft then left to rest in bowl for 15 mins.
Add the flaked salmon steak and rice in a bowl and season with sea salt.
Tear a piece of cling wrap which is the size of an A4 piece of paper and scoop two teaspoons of the mixed rice and twirl the cling wrap until the mixed rice becomes the shape of a ball.

If you can tolerate sesame seeds you can add these to the mixture before forming the balls.
You can pre make these ahead of time and put in the fridge – they will hold firmer when serving. If you can tolerate tamari or soy sauce this is a added flavour enhancer.

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