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Friday, October 12, 2012

Welcome to Feeding Two Growing Boys!

Welcome to my page!
I'm mum (Kat) to two growing boys, Riley 4 yrs & Lachlan 2 yrs old and love cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen and sharing recipes with friends on Facebook so thought why not make it official online. ( For Daily Facebook updates visit us here

My youngest Lachlan also has many food allergies & intolerances (dairy, egg, nuts, some seeds and is also soy and beef intolerant) so I am always trying new recipes to cater to his needs as well as other bits and pieces for the family! We try and eat all organic produce and really look after ourselves using natural rememdies where possible.

I am also fortunate enough to own the greatest invention ever put on this earth - a THERMOMIX, which has changed our lives! I will be posting a mix of TMX recipes and ""normal"" recipes for those that don't own a TMX.

Please note all recipes are original unless a source is quoted, so acknowledgement would be appreciated if sharing on :)

So here is to enjoying living life with healthy additive & preservative free /allergy friendly foods. 
Bon appetite!


  1. Great work Katrina.... looking forward to following you here. Sonia xxx

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