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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thai Fish Cakes (Kid friendly recipe)

400g boneless firm white fish fillets (I used Ling) roughly chopped
2 cloves garlic (roughly chopped if not using a Thermomix)
1 tblsp lime juice
2 spring onions, roughly chopped
3 tblsp fresh coriander finely chopped
100g green beans finely chopped
1 cup of fresh breadcrumbs
¼ cup of rice bran oil
Freshly ground pepper and Himalayan pink salt for seasoning

1. Place garlic in Thermomix speed 7 for 5 seconds
2. Add fish and lime juice and turbo a couple of times until combined
3. Put all other ingredients in the TMX bowl and mix on  speed 2-3 reverse until all combined
4. Using wet hands shape the mixture into patties (makes about 12-14 depending on the size you make them)
5. Place in fridge for about 30 mins to help firm them up
6. In a large pan heat oil on medium to high heat and cook the cakes in batches until cooked through (Roughly 3-4 mins on one side and less on the other) Try not to turn them too early and allow the crust that seals in the moisture to form. Drain on kitchen paper.

Serve with rice or salad for a lunch/dinner or sweet chilli sauce for appetisers etc. 

No Thermomix? Just place the items in a food processor and then transfer fish mix into a large bowl and combine with your hands the rest of the ingredients. 

(Excuse the photo - had to hungry boys calling for their food so only got a quick shot!)

ps. Since making these last year I now use Coconut oil for cooking - new research on rice bran oil found it to be no better than vegetable oils (and also we are now rice free due to DS2's eczema)


  1. I'd like to make these for my 8 month old twins but don't have any green beans. I do have sweet potato, potato, brocolli, pumpkin, peas - would any of these work?

    1. i believe you most certaintly can!! We've used different versions of onions and anything i can find in the fridge! I love using zucchini, carrot..basically anything you have extra of....and a great way if you have a child that doesnt like a particular veggie

  2. Thank you for this recipe! I've added it to my list of freezer meals made in the TMX - :)

  3. We absolutely love this recipe!!! Its a very regular item on our menu....our daughter is very fussy so hiding veggies and fish is a perfect balanced meal for her!!!

    Making these for good friday this year so everyone can try them...sometimes i substitute the greens (for example today im using one whole zucchini and red onion)